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Merrell Lynette Wolfe - 22-2-45 ~ 30-6-06

Her Animals nee BABIES

B’sides bein a good friend who waz there during some dark times 4 me & my family. Many times she waz the glue holdin us 2gether.  Merrell waz the mentor of all mentors who waz very very generous with her wealth of knowledge ‘bout life & our people the Indigenous people of this land they call Oztralia. I often looked @ her az a mother figure. She taught me so much. One special thing she showed me that will stay with me always iz the inner strength & spirit we have 2 pick ourselves up afta B’n knocked down, ready 4 the next round.

Oh how she luved our people & woe betide anyone who hurt them in any way, shape or form. She waz housebound 4 many years, hooked up2 oxygen 24/7. She fought 4 us by using the phone & pen. She definitely made people sit up & listen. She also had this wickedly, evil but deadly sense of humor & 2 of her fav sayin’s when ringin either Joe Blow down the street or some1 in Canberra were:


Put me on2 the horses mouth, I don’t wanna talk 2 hiz arse.


Their arse iz grass & I’m the lawnmower.


Her luv 4 her man Neville & family waz immeasurable. If any1 waz in need she waz there helpin or handin out what waz needed, no questions asked. She waz a champion 4 a childs right 2 learn in a safe & friendly enviroment. Worked tirelessly 4 A.S.S.P.A & the A.E.C.G.  


I only hope I can B’come half the woman she waz. Gonna miss ya Merrell but I will neva eva 4get ya bitch, 'cause now that I'm on oxygen, evree time I'm wrappin the cord round me ears & those thingy's up me nose U're face with U’res on  iz there front & centre of me.


4 reconnectin me with GOD.


by Mrs Lyn Welsh-Kirk aka Kirky.

Our glorious Koori Flag Flyin

Suga iz sweet lemons R sour but nuffin can beat that
by Alicia from Griffith & friends.

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This site iz a tribute 2 Merrell Lynette Wolfe 4 her grandkiddies.
With much luv Mrs Lyn Welsh-Kirk aka Kirky.