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Merrell Lynette Wolfe - 22-2-45 ~ 30-6-06

Her Animals nee BABIES


For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Romans 6:23

Welcome 2 Merrells site

WARNING: This website contains images of people who have deceased.

Merrell Wolfe’s Eulogy


Baptist Church, Parkes. 11.00 am. 6th July 2006.


We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Merrell Wolfe. To a large number of people, she was a daughter, a mother, wife, sister, aunty, close friend and an elder of the Wiradjuri tribe.


Merrell was born in Griffith in 1945, the second child of Ned and Joyce (always referred to as Daddy and Mummy) Hutchings. She had an older brother, Jonny (who cannot be here today) and a younger sister, Maureen. Very soon after she had an extended family of brothers and sisters (Paddy, Kevin, Darrell, Lynette and Kerry). Her family was the first to live on the Murri at Condobolin. Whilst Daddy worked on the railway, Mummy and the kids travelled throughout the area doing seasonal work. During this time, Mummy instilled the values of family ties, survival in hardships and for the family to stick together.


At the age of 15, she attended Mindamar Bible College at Singleton for several years; here she met her husband, Albert Wolfe. They had 4 children, Jasmine, Allison, Karen and Daniel. They moved to Cowra and Merrell worked at the Erambie Preschool, ran by Save the Children Fund, as a bus driver and teacher. She loved to help young aboriginal children. After divorcing in 1978, she left work and solely took care and devoted her life to her children.


The next major part of life was when grandchildren arrived, Natasha and Elisha, who Jasmine was the mother, Karen married and Daniel Paul was born. In 1986, her father passed away, whom she loved very much. More grandchildren arrived; Daniel had a daughter, Kattie. Karen gave birth to Tron and Shellema and Allison had 4 children, Luke, Aaron, Taresha and Tayla.


Merrell moved to Parkes in 1992 and rejuvenated the organisations of ASSPA and AECG, and was President for 5 years. This gave her the opportunity to help young aboriginal children by giving them a better chance in life. With the help of Daniel, her son, school workshops were set up, an Aboriginal representation was incorporated in School Councils and she was an Aboriginal liaison with the Police department, and many times did she get out of bed to carry out this responsibility without complaint. She achieved the construction and flying of the Aboriginal flag at Parkes Public School and Parkes High School.


Tragedy struck in 1998 when Daniel suddenly passed away, ripping a huge hole in her life of which she never fully recovered, at this time her whole family gathered around her, supporting and loving her and it took several years before finding solace from that tragedy.


The disease, emphysema, started to affect her life and lifestyle and she had to reluctantly let go of ASSPA and AECG. For the last 5 years she was on concentrated oxygen 24 / 7 until last Friday when the disease finally took her life. There was only one thing that she didn’t complete in her life, the realisation of her book, titled “Walking in my own footprint”, but we all have a copy of her life in our hearts.


Merrell was a mighty woman, proud of her Aboriginal heritage, being a Wiradjuri descendant, her children, grandchildren and her mother, devoting her whole life to those roles. One of her friend’s has set up and dedicated a web site in her memory. Merrell’s passing has affected all who have come in contact with her, some people more than others, but we will all be saddened for her not being here with us, but we will be richer for the experience and sharing her “iron will power”, the level of devotion, the kind words of support she gave us all. She has left a massive void in our lives, but I believe that her level of devotion and dedication to control her own life has to be an inspiration to us all. I know her spirit has met up with Daniel and I would not be a bit surprised that she has gathered and leads the spirits of members of her family that have passed on before, that a flock of sulphur crested white cockatoos make their presence known, visiting all of us.


May you rest in peace now, Sister Merrell and we will always love you for who you were.


Until we meet again in the spirit world,


Love always Neville

Here she iz.......
Merrell at Mummy's 80th 11th Sept 2004

God saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be,
So he put his arms around you
And whispered "Come to me."
With tearful eyes we watched you,
And saw you pass away.
Although we loved you dearly
We could not make you stay
A golden heart stopped beating
Hard working hands at rest,
God broke our hearts
To prove to us
He only takes the best.


Purple flower with 3 purple butterfies & sparkles

Our glorious Koori Flag Flyin

Suga iz sweet lemons R sour but nuffin can beat that
by Alicia from Griffith & friends.

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This site iz a tribute 2 Merrell Lynette Wolfe 4 her grandkiddies.
With much luv Mrs Lyn Welsh-Kirk aka Kirky.